About Us

Dear And Respected Guests,

I Am Greatly Honored By The Trust Bestowed Upon Me By The Board Of Directors Of WELCOME TO KARWAN AL MARHABA (PVT.) LTD. In Appointing Me As Chief Executive. This Is Great Responsibility Which I And My Colleagues In The Tour Operator Hope, By The Grace Of God, To Be Able To Fulfill In Order To Provide You With First Rate Performance And Services That Gain Your Approval And Appreciation. You Are Our Assets And Our Source Of Income And The Reflection Through Which We Observe Ourselves And Determine Our Path And Direction. We Consider You As Our Partners On The Road To Progress. In Conclusion, Dear Customers, We Pledge To You That, By The Grace Of God, Our Promise Will Equal Our Actions. A Style Of Complete Honesty And Credibility Will Be Our Creed. We Are Sure Of Your Understanding When Conditions Are Not Under Our Control, Yet We Will Nevertheless Attempt, Under All Circumstances, To Gain Your Trust And Approval, For We Are Partners In This Endeavor.

ENROLLMENT NO.      6116/M
MUNAZZAM NO.         4071
Message From Chief Executive